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Career Help For Ex Offenders

Finding jobs for felons has always been a hard road. DISCLAIMER: While we do our absolute best to only include felon-friendly positions, all of the companies listed on our website have their own hiring policies and it's up to their staff to make the hiring decisions based on their own hiring preferences.
Allstate Insurance is an American insurance company, headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, that, according to places that hire felons Hub, has hired felons before. What doesn't appear to work as well is trying to force employers' hands by forbidding them to ask about criminal records on job applications.

But the biggest difference-maker is if employers can recover staffing-agency fees they pay to find workers who don't stick with the job, or get the agencies to find them a replacement worker for free if they take a chance on an ex-offender who doesn't work out.
American National Logistics touts itself as "an asset-based logistics company providing innovative solutions to your transportation needs." And, according to Second Chance Jobs for Felons, in most cases, American National Logistics will hire convicted felons.

As a freelancer, you are pretty much not limited by your conviction at all, as most clients that will hire you, will never even consider running a background check on you - these are usually small businesses and solopreneurs that need some remote (usually programming or graphics design or writing) job done.
So-called "ban the box" laws, named for the check-box next to questions about whether applicants have records, often lead to racial discrimination, as employers screen out a broad swath of minority applicants in order to avoid interviewing ex-offenders, according to research by Rutgers University economist Amanda Agan.
While each hotel is different (after all, there are seven types: Best Western®, Best Western Plus®, Vīb®, Best Western Premier®, Glō® Executive Residency by Best Western® and BW Premier Collection®), the company has been known to hire former felons, according to Second Chance Jobs for Felons.

A study claims that when criminal history information is removed during the hiring process, it can actually lead to an increase of statistical discrimination against demographic groups that include more ex-offenders,” like black and Latino men, because of the assumption that they are more likely to possess a criminal record.
The Re-entry Employment Service Program (RESP) serves Illinoisans who are currently, or have in the past been, subject to any stage of the criminal justice process and who require assistance in overcoming barriers to employment resulting from a record of arrest or conviction.

So a company that might have offered jobs to felons in the past may not do so anymore. A bill wending through the Legislature for the third time in four years would give Rivera, and people like him, a chance to clear some of the hurdles that have tripped them up as they search for jobs and new lives after prison.
Moreover, on-demand economy is rapidly growing in the US. These jobs are like freelancing, they often don't require interviews or background checks, just your skills, and willingness to work hard. Individuals convicted for violent crimes or sex-related crimes may be refused employment by companies.

This is often a dilemma for ex-offenders and felons job searching. They will do a background check before they offer you the job but at least you get a chance to interview. These and other factors influence employers' decision whether to consider applicants with a felony charge.

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