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So, you're interested in Yoga and have decided that you might give a yoga class a go. Perhaps a friend or family members has encouraged you, or perhaps you have seen some advertising of a local class. Louisville company Sounds True is offering a free digital care package to help you navigate this stressful time with mindfulness, compassion and presence.” You can get free access to their Mindfulness Daily program, a 40-day training in mindfulness meditation made up of short, 15-minute daily lessons.
Consider the case of a small study published in the July 2018 issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health The study followed 13 physically inactive subjects who were split between high-intensity interval training and continuous intensity exercise training.

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) evolving rapidly across the United States, our Center, The Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion, and the Compassion Institute are working together to provide daily streams and recordings of mindfulness and compassion sessions to provide resources and online support to those affected.
You can also enroll in an online, 200-hour yoga teacher training or a 30-hour meditation teacher training, as well as book an online private consultation to help bring balance, ground and peace of mind into your life,” according to Shoshoni's website.

Online yoga offers many benefits to people who want to maintain a consistent yoga practice but may lack money for a monthly studio membership and are bored with their yoga DVD collection, or may have moved beyond it. Let's face it - in many communities, yoga studios are too expensive for the yogi on a budget so online yoga is perfect - the cost of a membership is less than the cost of a single drop-in class at many studios, and there are no transportation costs.
Because yoga is typically considered low-to-moderate intensity exercise, this falls in line with — and even surpasses — the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans , which recommend a minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of low-to-moderate intensity exercise each week.

Since 2009, this not-for-profit organization has provided different training courses, ranging from one-day online programs designed to introduce young children (aged 9-14) to mindfulness, to a 12-day program to train a mindfulness leader within a school's staff.
When you close your eyes and follow the instructions of your first guided meditation (whether in-person or via a recording), you should expect your mind to be busy, easily distracted, and restless, if not more so. Just because you've chosen to sit and meditate doesn't mean you'll suddenly experience uninterrupted calm, in the same way you'd never expect to tame a wild horse overnight.

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