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Tshiluba is a member of the Bantu language family spoken by about six million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it is one of the national languages along with Lingála, Kiswahili and Kikongo. A comprehensive resource for finding syllables in tshiluba, how many syllables are in tshiluba, words that rhyme with tshiluba, how to divide tshiluba into syllables, how to pronounce tshiluba, how to break tshiluba into syllables, and how to pronounce tshiluba.
Dressed in grass skirts, their bodies painted with colorful stripes, they shimmied, jumped and circled their hips wildly to the beat of djimbe, conga and songba drums, all the while chanting in two African dialects: Tshiluba, a language of the Luba tribe of Zaire, and Kimbundu, from northern Angola.

As for the locative classes, they include 3 classes: Class 16 (prefix PA-), Class 17 (prefix KU-) and Class 18 (prefixM-), but they possess only one noun: MAHALI. Finally he spoke English, where are you from Kalonji?” i replied my name is from Congo but my family is from Ohio?” apparently Jean-Guy happened to be Congolese and it was unthinkable for a man named Kalonji to not know French.
Foremost among these is Lingala, which is spoken in the equatorial region, in the capital, and along the Congo River. A letter or syllable placed in the middle of a word, usually between the prefix and the radical of a verb. It varies widely from classical to popular forms and is written in French as well as in national languages.

In the cities young people and adults enjoy going out on Saturday night to socialize, listen to music at outdoor pubs, dance at night clubs, and watch theatrical events. In the same family, there could very well be ten children, and although all were brothers and sisters with the same father and mother, the ten had different names.
Swahili is the most widespread bridge language spoken in Eastern Equatorial Africa. Okapi's programming will consist of morning and evening news bulletins in French and in three principal Congolese languages _ Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba _ with contributions from Congolese correspondents throughout the country.

Furthermore, as a result of this online research, I was introduced to the music of the Congolese (Luba) female singer Tshala Muana. But i wish a native speaker of Lingala or Tshiluba would tell me that i'm pronouncing my name wrong. Is used in the orthography of many Bantu languages like Lingala, Tshiluba, and Kikongo, for or.

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